KryoTech Ltd. believes that it's social responbility lies in constantly offering quality services that satifies customers, understanding the significance of information assets security in the KryoTech Group's business. KryoTech Ltd. and KryoTech Group will hereafter known as the 'Business'. The Business operated by the Unity Management Division, hereafter known as the 'Division'. To this end the Division declares that is upholds the information security statement in the Business under the 'basic principles', set forth by the Division and works on information security management in order to always earn the trust of customers, clients, suppliers and society. 

  1. We, in this Business, will comply with laws, regulations and ordnances concerning information security, guidelines and other related regulations enacted by the Government.
  2. We, in this Business, will strive to properly distinguish and protect information assets and maintain the confidentiality, completeness and availability of those aforementioned assets.
  3. We, in this Business, will define responsibilities for information security, develop a managegment system to implement appropriate checks and measures and secure performance in the Business.
  4. We will take appropriate actions to provide continuing safe and reliable service for Customers, by properly recognising and managing information security risks that are anticipated in this Business's activities.
  5. We, in this Business, will minimise damage and loss expanding when detecting information security incidents and estabilish and maintain a swift and accurate recovery system.
  6. The Chief Officer of this Business will and all employees relating to this Business's activities will take periodical educational, enlightenment and penetration-testing programs, promote understanding of and compliance with the information security statement and develop such information security into an essential business culture.
  7. We, in this Business, will, as corporate responsibility, work on information security, review the management system and make continous implementations and reviews for improvements.
  8. We, in this Business, will never participate in the sale or manipulation of client and/or customer data.

'Information Assets' subject to this statement shall refer to the divisions relating to 'KryoTech Group' business, information and information systems of our group, companies, associates, data received from customers in this Business activity and the continuity of the 'KryoTech Group'.