Extremely technically proficient and a highly imaginative Lead UI/UX Developer responsible for the development of multiple successful digital campaigns for several international companies and agencies. Demonstratable record of achievement developing highly successful ecommerce websites from initial UI/UX development, straight through to launch. Fully experienced front-end developer with amazing project and product management skills. Strong expertise in rapid prototyping of sites and their subsequent development using either custom HTML5/PHP or CMS solutions. An innate ability to communicate complex workflows to non-technical and technical stakeholders alike ensures smooth communications across projects and personnel. Also, active Professional Member of British Computer Society.


Risk, the misunderstood discipline

As a risk professional, when I look across the various organisations that I have worked with, one thing is clear: Risk is either embraced and used to drive smart decision making, or it is seen as a huge blocker for progress that must be avoided at all costs!  When risk management is understood, it can…

Vox Messenger

Vox Messenger is a new and secure, end-to-end post-quantum encrypted, free alternative to other popular chat messenger apps. VXM is a real-time complete chatting app with groups and voice messages functionality. You can send pictures, audio, video, contact details, map location, voice messages, a user can create groups as well.Featuring post-quantum encryption, decryption and true handset and database level message burning. No ads and no re-targeting ever.


The development genetics of GenieMo can be traced as far back as the works and initial research conducted Ravensbourne by the teams at DoubleMe and PlayLabz. One of the biggest differences in technological approaches is the move away from largely bespoke solutions reliant, based on narrative, on future deployment and adoption of 5G technologies, an approach espoused by DoubleMe. GenieMo is a unique software solution that is largely hardware and platform agnostic, favouring a largely COTS development approach.